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 500th Anniversary Reformation Worship Service At Walz Arena
 Concordia University, Nebraska        October 29, 2017       3:30 PM
Please note: You do not have to register if only attending the worship service.
A German Fest Dinner Will Be Served After The Worship Service In The Walz Field House
Click “Register” today for German Fest Dinner. “Early Bird” rate available until Sept. 15th.

“Martin Luther: The Idea That
Changed The World.”
Watch on PBS Tuesday, Sept. 12, at 7 PM

Reformation Hymn Festival
Dr. Jeffrey Blersch, Organist
Rev. Dr. Jon Vieker, Commentator
September 17th   3:00 PM
Watch For More Information

Lecture by Rev. Dr. Jon Vieker
“Luther and Lutherans:
Singing the Gospel into People’s Ears
for 500 Years”

September 18th   7:00 PM

Music Department Presentation
Dr. Joseph Herl
October 1st   3:00 PM

Reformation Celebration
Worship Service Oct. 29

Time: 3:30 PM
Where: Concordia’s Walz Arena

The Rev. Dr. Timothy Saleska
Guest Preacher

Concordia Seminary 
St. Louis, MO.

German Fest Dinner Oct. 29

Time:   5:00 – 6:30 PM
Where: Walz Field House
Live German Polka Music

Click “Register” today!
“Early Bird” rate available until Sept. 15th

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