About The Logo

The 500th Reformation Celebration logo was designed to reflect this important event in history. The circles surrounding the cross are designed to look as if they are “reverberating” out from the cross, symbolizing the message of Christ being sent out to the masses. Something many may not pick up on at first is that the rings in the background also form a “D”, which is the roman numeral for “500”. This connects the logo to the celebration’s 500th year. Lastly, the blue and green color scheme is used to reflect “peace” and “renewal”, two words that are consistent with the Reformation’s impact on Christians. The colors can be interchangeable to reflect the liturgical year of the church.

Eva Lube
Eva Lube – Graphic Designer

We are grateful to Eva Lube, a student at Concordia University, for her contributions to the celebration of the 500th Reformation Celebration. During the second semester of her Junior year Eva, under the direction of Professor of Art, Seth Boggs, designed the logo for this celebration. In addition Eva designed the header used for this website and also did the preliminary work for this web site as part of her course work.

Eva is a Graphic Design major from Lincoln, NE. She hopes to use her gifts in either a ministry or for a design firm following her graduation in 2017. Eva was recently awarded two endowments in conjunction with the Student Art Show on campus in April 2016. 

We appreciate the guidance and direction given by Professor of Art, Seth Boggs.

Eva expressed that she enjoys the family atmosphere and emphasis on a Christ-centered education at Concordia University.

Thank you Eva.

Rev. Dr. Kenneth Block and Larry Noack – Coordinators of the 500th Reformation Celebration
Rev. Dr. John Mehl – Advisor and liaison to the office of President Brian Friedrich
Rev. Dr. Brian Friedrich – President of Concordia University, Nebraska