Master Schedule of Events

Updated  June 12, 2017





Aug. 28, 2017 Guest Lecture by Rev. Dr. Chuck Arand
“From Nothing: Everything: Luther’s
Theology of Creation and Re-Creation”
Weller Chapel 7:00 PM
Sep. 2017 Student Scavenger Hunt – 8 weeks – Chaplain Matthias    
Sep. 11, 2017 Guest Lecture by Dr. Michael Rodewald
“The Reformation Continues: God’s Word/Missions and the Reformation”
Weller Chapel 7:00 PM
Sep. 12, 2017 “Martin Luther: The Idea that Changed the World,” the full-length feature film, will air nationally on PBS. PBS – Central Time 7:00 PM
Sep. 17, 2017 Reformation Hymn Festival
Organist: Dr. Jeffrey Blersch
Narration: Rev. Jon Vieker
A Cappella Choir / Dr. Kurt von Kampen: Conductor
St. John Lutheran Church 3:00 PM
Sep. 18, 2017 Guest Lecture by Rev. Dr. Jon Vieker
“Luther and Lutherans: Singing the Gospel into People’s Ears
for 500 Years”
Weller Chapel 7:00 PM
Oct.   1, 2017 Music Department Presentation: Dr. Joe Herl Music Center Recital Hall 3:00 PM
Oct. 13, 2017 Reformation Sing-along and more with Paul Soulek, song leader, and
Andy Schultz and The Firehouse Five Polka Band.
Bottle Rocket Brewery 7:00 PM
Oct. 24 – Nov. 4 The Cradle of the Reformation Tour, a 12-day Germany and Austria tour led by
Pastor Bryan Drebes ’97 and other Concordia Alumni. 
 Oct. 29, 2017 Reformation Worship Service: Rev. Dr. Timothy Saleska Walz Arena 3:30 PM
  Oct. 29, 2017 Germanfest Dinner
Purchase dinner tickets on-line by Sept. 15th to take advantage of the “Early Bird” special meal rate.
Walz Field House 5:00-6:30 PM