Dr. Daniel Siedell

Dr. Daniel Siedell highlighs his recently published book, “Who’s Afraid of Modern Art,” examining the relationship between modern art and theology from a distinctly Lutheran perspective. Speaking from his vantage point as a Christian art critic and curator working within the contemporary art world, his lecture will discuss topics such as the vulnerability and fragility of artistic practice and how aesthetic experience is a profoundly theological experience.

Vimeo video made available by the Concordia University ITC department.

Daniel A. Siedell is Presidential Scholar & Art Historian in Residence at The King’s College in New York City and Visiting Associate Professor of Theology of Culture at Knox Theological Seminary in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He was previously Professor of Modern and Contemporary Art History at the University of Nebraska-Omaha, and from 1996-2007, served as Chief Curator of the Sheldon Museum of Art, where he organized over one hundred exhibitions of modern and contemporary American art.

His work has been published in such journals as Art CriticismThe Journal of Aesthetic Education, and The Journal of Modern Literature. And his book projects include Weldon Kees and the Arts at Midcentury (University of Nebraska Press, 2003);Martínez Celaya: Early Work (Whale & Star, 2005); God in the Gallery (Baker Academic, 2008); Who’s Afraid of Modern Art? (Cascade, 2015); and Martínez Celaya: Work and Documents 1990-2015 (Santa Fe: Radius Books, 2016).

He has an M.A. in art history, criticism, & theory from SUNY-Stony Brook (1991) and a Ph.D. in the history of modern art and art criticism from The University of Iowa (1995).