Dr. Mike Rodewald

“The Reformation Continues: God’s Word for Every Language”

500 years ago, the Church in Europe had become opaque for the majority of those within.  The meaning of Scripture became seconded to practice. Luther’s translation of Scripture into clear and common German gave everyone equal access to the meaning of the words within Scripture. The Reformation is appreciated for formulating our theological understandings which stand to this day, but it was the translating of the Word that removed theology from the domain of the expert few and provided the means that all could participate in understanding Scripture.

We can imagine the joy of the Germans as the Word came to them through their own language. They learned to read, study and find the truth of God’s Word for themselves. The world changed. That same joy continues today as God’s Word is translated within language communities throughout the world. Even today, there are still those who find themselves in a similar situation as those in the European Church 500 years ago – they have no portions of Scripture in their languages and must trust expertise in other languages to hear the truth within God’s Word. Where God’s Word is translated, the barriers are removed as Christ comes to those within a language community right where they are through His Word, even to the very ends of the earth. The Reformation continues.

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DR. MIKE RODEWALD serves as the executive director for Lutheran Bible Translators. He believes passionately that God’s word is for all people. In his executive position, Mike looks for ways to reduce the barriers that keep the world from understanding God’s message. He is committed to growing LBT’s vision, building LBT’s capacity, and reaching even more people with God’s word through their own language.

Mike served as an LBT missionary in rural Liberia (western Africa) with the Bandi ethnic group from 1981 – 1987 and then with his wife, Cindy, and three boys, with the most pastoral Kalanga ethnic group in Botswana from 1993 – 2007. Mike and Cindy then served with the Lutheran Church — Missouri Synod (LCMS) living in South Africa from 2008 – 2014, where Mike was the Regional Director — Africa for the LCMS before returning to the US to serve as LBT Executive Director.

Mike is originally from Missouri and now resides with his family in Concordia, MO where the LBT international offices are located. Mike holds a Ph.D. in Missiology from Concordia Theological Seminary and a Master’s in Linguistics from the University of Texas — Arlington.